The Without – Factions [EP Review]

The Without - FactionsI’m pretty sure that I have previously shared my opinion on releases that start out incredibly hard hitting, and how they tend to wade off as the record progresses. Well, Factions is one EP that within the first few seconds struck me with that Fuck-Yeah-factor.

Thankfully, The Without (like the name by the way) only dealt out four tracks here, which in essence gave themselves less time to lose that initial impression. Result: Job well done.

Opening song, Play Tricks, should totally be getting a lot of radio airplay right now. Maybe it does somewhere, I don’t know, but it is by far so much more satisfying than the majority of bands getting the attention these days. With its aggressive melodies combining modern hooks with an air of punk/hardcore greatness floating around, this would surely appeal to a lot of folks out there.

Now although, in my opinion, the opener is in fact the strongest title, the remaining tracks aren’t far off point. Two Wolves has more of an album-filler feel to it, but by way of song writing, it hangs in there to avoid any real criticism from me personally.

The only aspect that doesn’t hit the spot for me is the overall sound. Although I am a fan of it, The Without don’t have that something different that gets me going. I love music that is a bit quirky and weird, and although The Without aren’t right out there, in sticking to a solid sound they have still produced something that I find satisfying to listen to at volume.

Which I feel is the strongest element of Factions; it is 15 minutes of audio that deserves to play part in destroying your ear holes and earn you a few more complaints from the neighbours. The combination of guitars and drums are hard hitting in every sense of the word, and the vocals top it off with a hardcore edge. The Without, sticking to a solid pre-proven formula, pull off what they do well, deserving a listen from anyone who has made it this far through the review (if you skipped to this line, shame on you!)

Rating: 7.6/10

Jake Hancke – 02/05/2017

Factions is available now via BandCamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Soundcloud.

You can follow The Without on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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