Buzz Rodeo – Combine [Album Review]

Buzz Rodeo - CombineBuzz Rodeo are officially the first band that we are giving our second review to, so let’s step up our game and get super critical on their second album!

Combine is the follow up to their debut album, Sports, which I enjoyed for its more unique sound and blend of styles. Thankfully, Buzz Rodeo have retained key components to their sound, with the strong lead that the guitars take and that ultimate raw, retro edge to the music.

The one thing that stood out most to me is the doses of energy that have been injected into this album. It was something fairly absent previously, not that I felt it to be an issue. Whether it be through the performance or the writing, Combine is livelier and punchier, and is iced of with more of a punk edge delivered through the vocals.

Despite the majorant slower tempos, the drums pack some energy behind them and help keep things rolling. The bass carry most of the rhythm but are far from left in the background. As mentioned, the guitars are strong, whilst not necessarily powerful by sound, the use of panned out takes give them their unique dominance. This time round, the vocals seem to play a bigger part in adding touches of aggression and the punkier edge.

With Combine, the sound is a little less varied across the 11 tracks, but the songs all round feel generally stronger with more hooks and standout song moments. It is difficult to pull out any particular favourite or key moments, but the ones that seemed to make me check to see which song was playing most were Nice Guy and Tripwire!, mainly for the vocal chorus hooks, and that songs like Jordan Walk, well, that is one of the more memorable song titles from glancing at the track list. If you are looking for the “album epic”, Pride Parade would more the likely take that crown (one I would particularly love to see live).

I feel like I’m rambling. Long story short, I like Combine. If you did check out and enjoy Sport, get this one. If this is your first time discovering Buzz Rodeo, get onto those links below!

Rating: 7.5/10

Jake Hancke – 07/05/2017

Combine is available to purchase now via Bandcamp.

You can find more on Buzz Rodeo on Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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