Last Rizla – KLS9532 [Single Review]

Last Rizla - KSL9532Well here are two firsts; The Cauteriser has reached yet another new country – Greece, and this is the latest/earliest that I have attempted to write up a review (currently 04:32 am). Let’s fucking do this!

So, here we have Last Rizla. They are beautifully loud in every sense of the word. This isn’t an unnecessary kind of noise; what Last Rizla create is a post-punk/hardcore sound played to sludge rock styles. I can’t think of any better way to describe them, but the result is extremely satisfying if, like myself, you are a huge fan of anything that is aggressively energetic, fully overdriven and thrashing out powerful beats. On top of that, these songs still manage to pound out enjoyable melodies.

I had to ask about the titles, and apparently they are as random as they seem. The single itself is KLS9532, which is 8 minutes of everything described in the previous paragraph, with a nice coating of screams. I wrote everything up to this point nodding along to this one. This song is a must hear for any hardcore fan out there.

The B-Side to the single is KLS9531 | 01.30AM Reprise (Should have been 4:30 guys), which kicks off with some electronic drones and screeches before treating you to a more atmospheric and effect-heavy piece. This is one of Last Rizla’s more experimental tracks, and although it still deals out the overly loud guitars and screams, the melodies and catchy beats aren’t present. To be honest, this is exactly what my 1:30AM felt like today (god knows what work will feel like in a few hours).

Basically, with this single you get two contrasting, yet equally enjoyable sides to Last Rizla. You have 8 minutes of glorious melodic hardcore, and 5 minutes of beautifully creative noise-rock. If you are even remotely a fan of either, do yourself a favour and get this!

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 15/05/2017

KLS9532 is available to buy on Bandcamp and is streamable via Soundcloud and YouTube.

You can find more on Last Rizla via their website.

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