Dead Houses – Like To Know/Greys [Single Review]

Dead Houses - Like To Know and GreysFirst thing to get out of the way, if you didn’t know anything about this band when first listening to them, you would be easily mistake Dead Houses as a new band that Guy McKnight from Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster has started. If that does happen to be something you want, then this band is an immediate winner.

Now that’s out of the way, the first of the two track, Like To Know, has one hell of a presence. A satisfyingly huge bass and a loud, screaming lead helps build up something you will want to blast out of the car while flying down the right hand lane of the motorway. It’s not a long song, and one that leaves you wanting more, so chances are you will load this into a playlist and listen the fuck out of it (I probably will).

Like To Know is just one of those solid all round songs that is hard to pick faults with, and with each layer thoroughly enjoyable in it’s own right. It may not exactly be a sing along or have a consistent enough beat but it sure is infectious.

The second track, Greys, is a slower number utilising a more atmospheric guitar sound to build this one up. The drums and bass are still powerful, but the change in pace mean it lacks that grandness of the opener. But, if you’re game for song writing over moshability/catchy hooks, you won’t rate this song much less.

The instruments are that bit more playful and without overusing the effects that are thrown around. Although it trudges on for 5 minutes, it still feels like there is something absent, like a grander finale to close it out. That said, in two tracks, as a band you want to show your full spectrum, and that is something Dead Houses have achieved successfully.

If you have never heard of Dead Houses before, then this double single could easily be enough to get you psyched about a new band. If you have, then chances are you have heard these songs already and are simply judging my ability to write about music. In which case leave your review of my review in the comments.

Dead Houses: Check them out.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 08/02/2018

Like To Know/Greys is available to stream now via Spotify and Soundcloud.

You can follow Dead Houses on Facebook and Twitter.


One comment

  1. Bill · February 9, 2018

    Quality Band! Must Listen


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