Inspired The Bee – Sun [Single Review]

This review was fuelled by intrigue. I was sent a tweet with nothing more than a link to this music video. I checked it out, the lovely human being that I am, and loved what I heard, so immediately gave it a re-tweet. Unfortunately, not being sent it as a proper request it slipped my mind, but here we are now. I couldn’t not share the love on this one.

I can’t find much information on this band; but what I do know is that Sun is a thing of beauty. 8 minutes in total may be a bit much for some, as will the extremely repetitive rhythm and messy guitar sweeps, but for me that is all part of the charm. At the heart of the sound, you have a solid alternative rock band packing a good punch, but the lead guitar holds the key to Inspired The Bee’s character. All I can say is that it screams psychedelic.

The opening minute features, what at least sounds like, a sitar, with harsh bends and the heavily picked lead. Sun bursts into life, but the style of playing continues through the overdriven guitar, only taking breaks for one of the punk-esque solos. The blend on paper probably doesn’t sound that great, but in action it is more like The Mars Volta on a budget. Either way, they seem to be heavily inspired by a lot of 80s (proper) Indie music.

Basically, what you get is a unique alternative/post-punk band with an experimental/progressive twist, and a style that works well for them. From what I can tell they have an EP or two available somewhere but I can’t find anything more than a teaser and photos of people holding them. Being Malaysian I have no idea how accessible it will be, and this song will probably make your hands crave the feel of that sucker. I believe you need to contact the band through Facebook to get a copy.

Regardless, watch the video. You won’t regret it (or maybe you will. There’s only one way to find out…)

Rating: 8.4/10

Jake Hancke – 25/03/2018

Watch the video for Sun on YouTube.

You can more on Inspired The Bee via Facebook and Instagram.


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