Beskar – Projection [EP Review]

Beskar - Projection - Credit - Tobias Ryen AmundsenThis week I have been getting my metal fix from Beskar. I’ve mentioned numerous times about not being a huge fan of metal, so it takes something special, or at least different, to get a handful of compliments from me.

So what we have here appears to be a Norwegian “Supergroup” project, featuring musicians who have had their hands in various doom/metal bands (most notably Bokassa who we have previously covered, and liked). The result is a blend of metal styles to satisfy varying needs.

On the outset Beskar scream death metal. Almost literally, as it is primarily the brutal vocals that enforce this impression. But as you drill deeper down into the sound, you get more melodic metal in the lead guitar and the doom influences feeding into the strung out, slower structures. Safe to say, this EP isn’t for the faint hearted.

There is plenty of atmosphere, even pushing Beskar into a more experimental/prog territory, and at times pure noise to fend off any one of those annoying “ugh, have you got anything heavier” folk who just listen to bands like Suicide Silence or whatever is popular these days. You won’t find any catchy choruses to sing along to in here, but you may get a bad neck and scrunched up metal-face.

If at this point you still have any interest in Projection, then I shall point out that it is available now on Spotify so you don’t have to pay to hear it there, but you should really buy it like the lovely person you are in one of the usual places; iTunes, Play Store, Amazon, Tidal and all.

There is a lot of music out there, and although I can’t honestly say the Projection stands out, I can honestly say that it has many enjoyable qualities, and you will at the very least enjoy pure power that Beskar fire through your speakers or the more melodic guitar segments, which there are plenty of.

Rating: 7.2/10

Jake Hancke – 14/04/2018

Projection is available to stream now on Spotify or purchase from Tidal, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

You can find more on Beskar via Facebook.

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