Forever In Debt – Forget Me Knot [EP Review]

Forever In Debt - Forget Me KnotI’d say a good third of bands that I cover are compared to the likes of Nirvana or The Melvins within their little PR seller. Although most do somewhat earn the comparison, none quite to the deserved extent as Forever In Debt do.

Comparing one band to another is too easy and boring so I try to avoid it, but to get the obvious out of the way, this band is the loud grunge of Nirvana with the messy experimental nature of early Melvins. But know this, I most certainly would not bother writing this if they weren’t as good as either band. So much so that this is the most excited I have been about reviewing a release in a long time (and I have also just been sent the new Human Cull album to write about, which I was already planning on picking up the vinyl for, so yeah, that.)

So what is the big deal with Forget Me Knot? The four tracks within offer a diverse range of classic noisy grunge littered with satisfyingly messy lead guitars, intense riffs and pleasingly aggressive vocals. A softer touch here and some phasing there create the depth in the sound, and the hooks in the punk approach to the melodic vocals make the overall persona frustratingly beautiful. In fact, the release was perfectly timed for me to drive home from work every day in this ball sweating weather blasting this out of the car windows with pleasure. My neighbours didn’t enjoy it as much as they should have.

My love for rabbits didn’t even sway my opinion on this, honestly, despite the cute bunny ears included in the artwork or the track Rabbit Hole, but rabbits are awesome and that is a fact in itself. 10/10 for bunnies. Without A Sense Of Summer is possibly the grunge highlight of the decade, Billy screams 90s perfection and Chewing Bees throws all of Forever In Debt’s remaining energy out of the speakers into your face with a giant argh or ten. If you don’t feel the presence, then you’d probably miss being hit in the face with a crowbar. Which is exactly what this EP is like, except it’s a nice crowbar that hugs your ears while it screams down them.

I genuinely struggle to fault Forget Me Knot so I won’t bother trying to ruin it. Forever In Debt are clearly one hell of a live band based on this listening experience alone. Any fan of grunge, noise rock and anything begging to be played at a considerably offensive volume should love this. If you don’t love this, your gift of hearing is wasted and we are not friends, I’m sorry to break the news to you this way.

LOL JK. It’s a bit shit.

It really isn’t.

Buy it.

Rating: 9.2/10

Jake Hancke – 20/04/2018

Forget Me Knot will be available from 22nd April 2018 via Society Of Losers, Spotify and BandCamp.

You can find more on Forever In Debt via Facebook and Twitter.

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