Queasy – Fed To The Wolves [Single Review]

Queasy - Fed To The WolvesListening to this track, I completely forgot I was listening to a British band. Take that as you will.

I avoid comparisons, but it’s difficult to avoid pointing out how much Queasy sound like American Hard Rock acts, most notably Audioslave with the minor elements of funk and the pure presence they create. The guitar tones in Fed To The Wolves are extremely satisfying and power through some pretty intense riffage. The vocals are striking and the drums beats are intensely harsh but strengthen the energy. I can’t imagine that you will be able to listen to this track without reaching for the volume dial (or button or voice command or whatever people use these days.)

I have never been good at knowing what to write about a single track, and this is an extreme case as Fed To The Wolves sells itself. The melodies throughout are filled with enough complexity and depth to be enjoyable to any listener, and despite the typical American sound that leaps out, I am proud to know that this is a UK band. The vocals are almost a punk/rap style (more notably in their previous releases where the funk influences are much more present), but delivered with the oomph of a metal singer.

Queasy have delivered something that is pleasing in every sense of the word. The music is infectious, the tones and layers are nothing but audio satisfaction and although not necessarily sounding fresh, there is an air of uniqueness at the same time. If Queasy are new to you, you may have just discovered a new band to get excited about.

Rating: 8.8/10

Jake Hancke – 04/03/2018

Fed To The Wolves will be released on 29th March 2018 – get tickets to the single launch to receive a free download.

You can find more on Queasy via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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