Ancestro – El Gran Altar [Album Review]

AncestroNot many bands whack out tracks over 10 minutes long that really get me going. And these proggy types of music, even the (in my opinion) better ones don’t usually get further listens from me post review. Ancestro may be a first here.

When bands get experimental, I like it dark and eerie. The soundtrack of nightmares that ultimately makes your head go all fucked up and weird if you listen to it late at night. A prime example of “music is my drug”. The effects are certainly similar to any other. This is all in the opening Ícaro.

Ancestro give the middle finger to the anti-wah folk out there. The use here is sublime and every reason why it should be utilised. In moderation. The doom/sludge style to the slow beat and riffs are incredibly satisfying to listen to, and if possible you will want a sub that tears the low tones right through your flesh.

The stripped back guitar sounds of Mareación have a very 70s feel to them, but with the power of any good modern Doom band out there behind them. Then you have the likes of Aguijón, a fuzz rock mess of up-tempo noise. It’s quite beautiful in its own way.

There are plenty of psychedelic elements here and there, nudging segments into more stoner rock territory, all the while adding to the vast spectrum of sounds that Ancestro deliver. The slow, repetitive melodies are a joy to get lost in , but the style of deliverance is the key factor to whether the songs win you over. As good as they are, the drawn out sections will be the one thing that will lose the interest of some.

Ancestro deliver something diverse yet possessing an established personality. Something that isn’t necessarily easy to accomplish without the right influences and abilities among the members. If any of the name-dropped genres within this are to your taste, you will want to check this band out. Fo’ sho’.

Rating: 7.7/10

Jake Hancke – 14/06/2018

El Gran Altar is available via BandCamp.

You can find more on Ancestro via Facebook.

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