HEADS. – Collider [Album Review]

Heads - ColliderI’ll be honest, this is one of the most difficult reviews I’ve ever tried to start writing. Not so much because of its unique art rock approach, but more because of my conflicted level of interest throughout. I don’t like to start firing off negativity, especially for how much I actually do like Collider as a whole, but the first few tracks are attention demanding.

I’ve written before about releases that are best appreciated with full focus and zero distractions. Collider is a different level of that. For me, the first three tracks sort of drone together if I’m not completely tuned in the whole time, not helped by the slow, repetitive nature to the rhythm and the overly relaxed vocals (imagine J Mascis with less melody).

That’s where Mannequin drops in and almost steals the show, and proving that HEADS. have some special hooks up their sleeves. Although the style and persona isn’t vastly different, it kicks out easier melodies and a repetitive chorus that you can’t ignore. From this point, the vocals start to pack more of a punch, and the HEADS. formula of strong lead guitar backed by some solid, mostly repetitive beats and rhythms starts to shine.

There is an enjoyable variety to the song writing and strong lyrics that will immerse you to the very end. However as much as I love a good experimental album, the punk and noise lover in me can’t say that Collider is an album that will gain many more listens from me. Despite the harsher moments, particularly To Call And Let It Ring, I would prefer a little more unpredictability and a few more punches here and there.

That said, I would thoroughly recommend Collider to anyone who loves Art Rock, something experimental and guitar heavy, or music that is loud yet equally laid back. HEADS. have an interesting blend of style that takes an otherwise uninspiring sound into something rather powerful through the talents of fantastic song writing. Although not for everyone, this album deserves a strong chance at pleasing your ear holes.

Rating: 7.6/10

Jake Hancke – 04/07/2018

Collider is available now via BandCamp.

You can find more on HEADS. via their website and Facebook.

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