Naga Siren – Swallows Tornadoes [Album Review]

Naga Siren - Swallows TornadoesSo here we are, me finally getting around to writing another review, and yet another release that has torn my opinion right down the middle (or there abouts).
Today (or this month) I have been listening to Naga Siren, and their new album, Swallows Tornadoes. Tornadoes is one of those words, like dominoes, that causes a rift as to whether an E comes before the S. It doesn’t seem to matter either way, at least according to spell checker. But that’s not important. What matters here is the audio, and the audio here is a lot more interesting than the spelling of the word tornadoes.

The first thing that jumped out to me about Naga Siren; they sound like your typical pop-hardcore shit that is all over Kerrang, The kind of bands on Victory Records that sound a bit too commercial and poppy to be enjoyable. However, at the same time this band injects just enough personality into their sound to have allowed me to listen to Swallows Tornadoes more than once. Which is an immediate positive.

Anyone that happens to follow The Cauteriser properly will know that I don’t care for commercial sounding bands, however Naga Siren have shown that they have strong enough influences to push themselves a little more out there, at least far enough to stand out from the rabble for me. The prime example for me being the title track, which feature a Heck-esque unpredictable structure that is brutally satisfying to listen to every time.

Although only 8 tracks and 20 minutes in length, Naga Siren get the job done with no messing around. There are plenty of satisfyingly catchy moments, mainly in the form of The Waves and Simply Fooling Themselves, which although having that typical hard pop-rocky tone, just about cuts above the rest to be something a bit more special.

So how am I torn? Well the underlying sound is relatively uninspired in many senses, however Naga Siren show plenty of potential and talent to fly into a realm most bands don’t reach. By pushing the boat out a little further with each release, delving deeper into their influences and putting some time into a few “epics” here and there, this band could easily give me wood with future releases.

If you want something that’s heavy but easy to get into, or want something that sounds like all of the bands that see success in the recent years but that doesn’t actually suck, then Swallows Tornadoes is the album for you.

Rating: 7.5/10

Jake Hancke – 26/07/2018

Swallows Tornadoes is available now via Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

You can find more on Naga Siren via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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