Hypnosister – Hypnosister [EP Review]

HypnosisterThere’s not really much to give this introduction, other than the fact the name drew me in, followed by the album art. Also I have a fucking mental rabbit running around me and climbing my legs right now. Cute guy.

Well, what do we have here… Hypnosister are very basically a one man Indie/Alternative band with a bit more oomph. Damien’s vocals are very bright, even when exerting his most powerful moments, and on the outset the rhythms and structures are relatively simple and poppy. That said, there is a little more going on under the hood.

There are certainly some heavier punk/grunge tones here and there, primarily the grittier bass lines of Breath and darker lyrical qualities. Then on the other end you get the softer guitar sounds and slight use of electronics, most notable in the lead melody of Scribbles. Easy to say, the breadth of what’s on offer here gives Hypnosister a good chance of capturing your attention, most helped by the fact that every song on this EP is of single quality.

Regular readers will know that my thing is unpredictable, loud, punkier music. And I’m a little off my writing game so bear with me here. When it comes to one-man bands as such, there are two fantastic elements. For one, you get to admire the skills and talents of the musician in full effect, then on top of that you can get some really strong personality coming out in the music. That is most certainly the case here, something that will shine for a lot of people. The main flaw, however, is the lack of multiple input, where ideas can be branched from and different, often better, ideas implemented. Again, I feel that may be the case here.

Where each chorus is as enjoyable as the last, it’s the in between bits which may be the deal breaker for some (verses if you want to get technical); they just tend to feel like musical fillers to complete the song at times. As far as Indie music goes, I can safely say this is solid throughout. But the more mellow segments are where I could take it or leave it. Simply put, these aren’t songs that I would specifically turn off or skip past, but not entirely something I would go to by choice.

But as with any music, we have to put taste aside sometimes, in which case I can’t really say a lot bad about Hypnosister, and would at least see them live if I got the chance. The fans of the heavier and more weird music I cover may not approve, but if you do enjoy something easier listening, but better than the Indie shit that’s everywhere these days, Hyponsister are a solid option.

Rating: 7.5/10

Jake Hancke – 09/08/2018

Hypnosister EP is available now via Bigcartel, BandCamp and your typical streaming locations.

You can find more on Hypnosister via their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.


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