Pilod – Black Swan [Album Review]

Pilod - Black SwanRemember in the 90’s when Indie and Alternative Rock were quite moody but had something special about them? Well Pilod seem to.

Every time I start listening to this album, I can’t help but feel that this is what Mogwai would sound like with vocals. At other points, I pick up some early Placebo vibes, yet on the whole Pilod have ultimately created their own beautifully dark style. The songs are mostly slow building and all blend into one another well to create a more natural feel to the album, and certainly something more artistic that a stack of random songs thrown together.

Although not necessarily art rock, the mix between guitar sounds and the use of the drum kit help expand the song writing into something that sounds anything less than repetitive. The title track is one of the grittier, and uses strong fuzz in the rhythm and minimal cymbal use to full effect. Although lacking in any pop hooks, the result is strangely addictive. The eerier Terror and Scared tracks create a lot more atmosphere, and although the style to some may more suit background music, Pilod prove to be a band fully deserving of some distraction-free attention.

The highlight for me with such a style is how nothing feels overcooked or forced. Black Swan feels carefully crafted and is an extremely moving 40 minute piece. As much as I could list a few things I would like to hear on a future release based on personal taste, the unforced nature is what makes Pilod work so well.

Regardless of your preferred genres, Black Swan makes for a fantastic listen, and even if you give it one chance, you will come crawling back a few more times.

Pilod don’t do a lot to draw you in, instead they reward you with a fantastic album for your self-donated time.

Rating: 7.9/10

Jake Hancke – 16/09/2018

Black Swan is available now via the Pilod store and BandCamp.

You can find more on Pilod via their wesbsite, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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