Scar Polish – Protein Coated Sadness [Single Review]

Scar Polish - Protein Coated SadnessI think we have a name for ourselves covering a lot of obscure, weirder and damn right abstract music this year. The new single from Scar Polish is certainly up there.

What I could only describe as Doom Electronica, Protein Coated Sadness is dark and droney, with sounds that seem to have been pounded out of a broken Atari ST. Incredibly atmospheric to say the least, Scar Polish have a blend of audio that will completely fuck your head up if you aren’t braced.

I’m first to admit that I’m not very good with reviewing a single track, but Scar Polish are one of those unique artists that jump out, not necessarily for being the next big thing, but for being full of character and doing what they do well. What we have here is a combination of electronics and fuzz, moody vocals and a natural flow. The key thing for me is nothing being forced or attempting to be something it’s not.

DIY solo efforts always get my attention, and Protein Coated Sadness should get yours too. The first listen for anyone will be purely a “what the fuck is this?” as the anti-melodic noises seep through, but for those who love the more arty and experimental music and can look past production and easy hooks, Scar Polish will warrant multiple listens as you take it all in.

This is another one of those niche tracks that will not suit the majority, and even I wouldn’t typically listen to something like this out of choice. But there is that quality there to be enjoyed from the artistic perspective, and of course any lover of experimental electronic music. Ultimately, as a critic, I give this the thumbs up.

Rating: 7.8/10

Jake Hancke – 06/10/2018

Protein Coated Sadness is available for free via BandCamp, Spotify and YouTube.

You can find more on Scar Polish via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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