Escape To What – The Event

Escape To What - The EventI have been hoping for about a year that I would get a submission catering to my love for Industrial, and Escape To What have certainly delivered.

For the most part, The Event is fairly straight forward with minimal yet effective guitars giving the metal/punk elements to the overall sound a great sense of power. For a solo effort the mixing is pretty much spot on here and will get you driving the volume right up.

The electronics aren’t over-used and hold a nice balance across the record, and where they are thrown at you at their most extreme with Annihilistic and My Smile Is Red, Escape To What just how much of an Industrial powerhouse they are.

The lyrics are beautifully dark with vocals to suit. The hooks aren’t at the same level as the likes of Rabbit Junk and the tracks aren’t as memorable, yet there are plenty of standout moments, most notably the Looks Like Hell chorus and the ever so lovable The Vacant Ones.

Although you won’t find anything particularly unique or ground breaking, The Event is still a powerful album that will leave a strong impression with any Industrial fan. The closing track will hit you before you know it, but the result is an album that gets the job done with no messing around. The quality is there across the board and Escape To What will not lose your interest for a single minute.

The Event is loud, filthy and difficult to fault. This is another band where simply more of the same would be welcome with future releases. Quality over quantity is key, and Escape To What’s established sound is brutally lovable. If you ever needed a reason to give independent artists serious love and attention, this is where to start.

Rating: 8.7/10

Jake Hancke – 11/10/2018

The Event is available now on CD via Bandcamp and streamable on all the usual places.

You can find more on Escape To What via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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