Pet Virus – Can I Speak To Dirt? [Single Review]

Pet Virus - Can I Speak To DirtSafe to say, I was fairly upset when Enamel Animal disbanded, as their album, Unfaith, was one of the early highlights of The Cauteriser. However, the arrival of Pet Virus has dried those tears.

Can I Speak To Dirt? is one hell of a way to make a studio entrance. Blasting out a beautiful blend of punk and grunge, you get a satisfyingly filthy bassline, a huge guitar line with the help of some beefy chorus (and plenty of feedback for you noise sadists) and catchy hooks throughout to warrant multiple plays on a regular basis.

I’m a bit shit at singles, both reviewing and forgetting about them, but Pet Virus have delivered one of those tracks that reminds me that I seriously need to lump a playlist of singles together somewhere. Can I Speak To Dirt? doesn’t want to be forgotten, and most certainly shouldn’t. The riffs will stick in your head for the days and the aggressively huge chorus will leave a sweet taste for more down the back of your throat.

Grunge seems to be on a high note this year, and come the yearly roundups throughout December and those “bands to watch in 2019”, I would be disappointed not to see Pet Virus cropping up numerous times.

Don’t be a dick, check this bad boy out right now!

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 20/10/2018

Can I Speak To Dirt? is available now via BandCamp and Spotify.

You can find more on Pet Virus via Facebook and Twitter.

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