Sweet Deals On Surgery – Sweet Deals On Surgery [EP Review]

Sweet Deals On SurgerySociety Of Losers are a record label with some hot shit on their hands right now, and new to their roster Sweet Deals On Surgery are yet another UK band to piss yourself with excitement over.

What can only be described as a catchy mess of punk rock, Sweet Deals On Surgery’s EP has some strong Dananananaykroyd vibes going on, presented with more noise, loud and brutality to the in-your-face melodies.

The blend of hard fuzz, swift beats yet unbelievably phenomenal hooks make this band genuinely impossible to not enjoy. I’m not one to exert opinions as fact, but you have to be short of two ears to not dig what this band has on offer. Any music that is aggressively happy has that unique charm of lovable singalong beauty whilst getting your blood rushing with the hard hitting instruments that pound every ounce of enjoyment into your body.

A lot of EPs only start and finish strongly, featuring lesser powerful fill tracks, but Sweet Deals On Surgery only offer Ballooning as any form of breather. Not that it falls into that mediocre middle category as such, more that it lacks the power of the other tracks towering around it. This EP is as infections as they come, and will leave itself rattling around your head for weeks.

There’s not a lot to say for a band that sells themselves so well. Even if harsh guitars and shouty vocals aren’t normally your thing, the pop nature to the melodies are enough to reel any listener in, and there’s plenty of clean tones littered around to not scare many people away. If you need a reason to delve in to the independent scene, let this be your only encouragement required.

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 25/10/2018

Sweet Deals On Surgery will be available to by in November 2018

You can find more on Sweet Deals On Surgery via BandCamp, Facebook and Twitter.

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