Hypnosister – New Music Video

Hypnosister - Breath VideoThe weirdly wonderful Hypnosister are releasing a brand new video for Breath, taken from their self titled EP released in 2018.

If you missed them the first time around, this is a great opportunity to check them out. I previously commented on how each of their songs packed the quality to be released as a single, but Breath stood out as being slightly grittier, and with this new complimented visual experience you can really appreciate the impressive contrasting styles being laid out together.

I would best describe this is neon black; there are some bright indie/alternative elements simmering away in the foreground where the core writing, primarily the lyrics, are intensely dark. The video itself perfectly compliments Breath with trippy visuals and qualities suitable for a PG Snuff film.

Being a solo mission of Damien Hughes (formerly from Allusondrugs), Hypnosister seeps with its unique personality and deep, meaningful lyrics sure to hit the feels of many of you out there. These 4 minutes make it clear how much effort and personality is driven into Hypnosister and that alone deserves your attention.

The video for Breath is available now on Hypnosister’s YouTube channel, with a week long subscriber exclusive audio/visual experience.

Hypnosister’s debut EP is available now from their website, with links to stream, purchase a CD and download for free.

You can find more on Hypnosister via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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