Trigger Cut – Buster [Album Review]

Trigger Cut - BusterIf people listened to music with as much care as Trigger Cut have put into Buster, the world of music would be a very different place.

Trigger Cut are hard hitting to say the least. The drums pack an intense energy behind the high guitar tones which allow for the bass to really punch through. The result is a sound dealing nothing but brute force without the need for any over-engineering and a uniquely raw punk rock experience. The rough and ready vocals perfectly round off the resounding tension with only small doses of any form of melody.

Buster doesn’t give away easy listening hooks for those who play it safe with spoon fed pop tracks that Spotify rams down your throat, but instead is an album you need to feel the energy to receive the rush. The erratic melodies and beats are deeply satisfying when you get lost within them, stepping up the listening experience from a noisy mess to a rough audio bliss.

The hooks are incredibly unique, whether it’s shouting along with the “Free Hugs”, the dark Sonic Youth-esque I know She Knows or the surprisingly complex content to the more melodic Transfer, there is such a consistent level of abnormal styles and quality that your average listener would let most of the detail fly by.

Simply put, Buster is an album that at a glance is a bizarrely noisy thrashing from start to finish, but in reality offers a lot more than a few play throughs will give to you. Safe to say, this is an album that deserves your attention for the creativity behind it, in which case everyone will be happy for at least half an hour.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 01/06/2019

Buster is available now from BandCamp as a digital download or on CD and Vinyl.

You can find more on Trigger Cut via Facebook.

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