PABST/AUTISTI 7″ Split [Single Review]

03_CSR005_1250x1250_Front_StickerI have always liked split releases. Although it sometimes feels a bit weird buying half a record for a band you love and getting another half for one you have never cared for, you get instances where you can be weaned onto a new band via the select track(s). This PABST/AUTISTI split could easily be that for fans of either band.

To begin with a track-by-track comparison, PABST offer the filthier serving with the overdriven guitars powering the stronger element of their sound, and the laid back, melodic vocals reverbing their way over the top. Although at heart a solid indie track, Exciter delivers that little bit more with the brief guitar-noise bridge and the heavier tones delivered throughout, making it that little bit more of a satisfying listen. Although I wouldn’t want to label any song as the better, PABST by far are the catchier and guaranteed to get you head nodding along.

AUTISTI hand out something equally rough, with a loosely similar sound. Dealbreaker consists of large contrasts in size about the guitars, and although things are relatively toned down, the distortion levels are right up there and form the integral indie-noise element of their sound. The music work drifts into Sonic Youth territory at times, most notably again with the guitars that close out the last minute of Dealbreaker. AUTISTI’s vocal work isn’t their key hook, and instead acts as the softening balance to their personality.

All in all, both offerings are an enjoyable listen and reminiscent of late 80s indie, which is rarely a bad thing. I did give AUTISTI’s latest album a listen through previously, but the whole package wasn’t something I could get into unfortunately. However listening to Dealbreaker as part of this split single is something I get into and could easily recommend.

 I am in strong favour of this release. It offers a great taste of two fantastic indie bands who love a little bit of noise and overdrive thrown into their sound, and whether you are already a fan of either band or not, you should give these songs a listen and consider buying the record.

Rating: 8.2/10

Jake Hancke – 08/08/2017

The PABST/AUTISTI Split 7″ single is released on 1st September 2017 and is available to pre-order now via Crazysane Records.

You can find more on PABST via their website.

You can find more on AUTISTI via their website.


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