Dooie Mus – Dooie Mus II [EP Review]

Dooie Mus III didn’t think any bands had identified with the “Screamo” genre since it became an embarrassing tag about a decade ago, but Dooie Mus are using it to describe themselves. Needless to say, I was immediately drawn in.

I didn’t ever think that Screamo was a real genre, even in its day. And in fact, I wouldn’t even think of describing Dooie Mus in such a way. This is a band who, vocals aside, sound like a slightly more energetic Mogwai, with elements of Art Rock or something more progressive. With some of the sporadic drums and the use of clean delayed guitars playing soft melodies, this EP is in reality one step away from appealing to a whole different audience.

Now. The “Screamo”. The vocals. They are quite literally genre changing. With some nice, poppy or melodic vocal work, this would genuinely be within the realms of Art Rock or slightly more experimental Alt Rock. However this is all crudely screamed over in a combination of early Braid and something you would expect from a Grindcore band. Where I can safely say that a lot of people would think that the vocals ruin the sound, for me, they have made it. Although I would praise the music alone, I wouldn’t necessarily be so captivated without the purposely brash vocal work.

The EP does offer a little more depth than I may be letting on here. Straks opens things with a very soft guitar piece, before everything crashes in. Things do pick up in energy, most notably with Robert Long, which is a straight up burst Post-Punk/Hardcore. Equally, Gednk Te Sterven offers the highly energetic opening minute before collapsing in on itself for another minute of that significant delayed guitar. Considering this band is a two-piece, they create a pretty huge sound and have put a lot into the record between them.

Without rambling about the structure of each song, Dooie Mus are exciting to listen to. From the light and more atmospheric music moments to the more Dillinger Escape Plan-esque brashness, this EP has a lot of personality about it that would more than likely scare the shit out of anyone listening to it without knowing what to expect. This is brilliantly crafted music slathered in crude vocals that makes for an immense listening experience for any noise lover like myself. Oh yeah, best of all they’re letting you have it for FREE!

Rating: 8.5/10

Jake Hancke – 09/08/2017

Dooie Mus II is available to download for free via Bandcamp.

You can find more on Dooie Mus on their Facebook page.

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