Von Stache – Quiet, Brain [EP Review]

Von Stache - Quiet, Brain

I would have never put Fat Mike and Dinosaur Jr together, but that’s the kind of thing Von Stache sent my head running to with their latest EP, Quiet, Brain.

At a very basic level, take the core Dinosaur Jr sound, but get Fat Mike to inject in whatever he was taking in the 80s and provide the vocals. Except in this scenario Fat Mike is now an Australian lady person (he does cross dress so not too surreal). That is kind of what Quiet, Brian sounds like.

Now this isn’t filled with guitar solos or trying to push anything ground breaking, Von Stache are simply about providing you with music you can dance around to and have a good time with, which is something that I feel Quiet, Brain excels with compared to their previous release, Ghost Face. Not that it was a bad record by any means, but Quiet, Brain is littered with hooks and snappy choruses that will grab hold of your face and force feed every entry point with what it has to offer throughout. In a good way.

The music itself is kept fairly stripped back, with minimal use of layered guitar tracks and some soft overdrive, but the energy behind the performances and the punky vocal edge are what bring Von Stache to life, and the “angsty” lyrics aside, more than lives up to its Party Punk tagline.

The sound throughout this second release is much more consistent and helps with the flow of the record. And although I do sort of miss the large contrasting strong points in each song, Von Stache seem to have a more glorified personality in this instance, and one that will either completely suck you in or leave you in an unfortunately miserable existence.

If you are after something that is in your face while at the same time rather cheerful by sound, something pop punkish with a bit more edge to it, or just a sucker for catchy music, then this is an EP to get your ears around.

Rating: 8.6/10

Jake Hancke – 10/08/2017

Quiet, Brain is available to download now via Bandcamp or stream from SoundCloud.

Von Stache have very kindly provided us with codes for you to nab yourselves a free download of Quiet, Brain. Go to http://vonstache.bandcamp.com/yum and enter one of the following (each only works once so once they’re gone, they’re gone):






You can find more on Von Stache via their Facebook or Twitter.


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