Salt The Snail – Lazer Quest [Single Review]


This is the third time that I’ve covered Salt The Snail in a year, but I’ll let them off for being singles and so fucking awesome.

Aggressively fun and so infectious you won’t be able to escape it, Lazer Quest blasts out some thick riffs over an electronic sounding snare, topped off with a chorus you will be singing for days on end.

It’s not often that you get music that is so cheery yet filthy at the same time, but the harsh fuzz, swift drums and fuck-pop vocals all build a sound enjoyable to the masses and touching bases with alternative, punk and hardcore whilst retaining full danceability.

What is incredible is how band who already started off so strongly has managed to put out marginally better releases each time. As much as I really want an album out of them, what they currently have going on is the tits and I wouldn’t want to see an LP land with lesser tracks on it. Salt The Snail are a band that you are definitely going to want to follow and see live many, many times.

The independent scene is huge and littered with gems, and Salt The Snail are a pretty damn blinding one at the moment.

Rating: 8.8/10

Jake Hancke – 30/10/2018

Lazer Quest is available now as a free download from BandCamp and is streamble from Spotify.

You can find more on Salt The Snail via Facebook and Twitter

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