Every Stranger Looks Like You – I: Levensmoeheid [Album Review]

ESLLY - I LevensmoeheidIt’s not often that you will listen to the debut album from a band and immediately get excited about how they are going to progress with their next release. Every Stranger Looks Like You did that for me, and boy are they delivering.

I: Levensmoeheid is the first of two parts, and things certainly get dark, heavy and powerful here. Playing off of the styles they closed Bluest Shade Of Black with, ESLLY have pelted out some abrupt noise anthems in a gruelling post-hardcore fashion. Each track is thrashed out to their hearts’ content and iced over with relentless screams and shouts creating a blistering energy that will get your ears sweating.

As much as I love heavy, a lot of the time it tends to dull itself down by a lack of life within the writing, but the pioneers that ESLLY are, they haven’t dropped the ball since their debut. There is no messing around or dragging segments out; they pound out each element one after another and don’t allow your mind do drift away in the slightest. As a result, no tracks surpass the 130 second mark, and have absolutely smashed their heavier side in this release.

You still have the riffs and fantastic lyric writing present, Love Bites potentially being the most accessible of them all. But album closer, Bliss, pushes the boat a lot more to make sure you felt the noise within.

Nothing gets me going more than bands that can try out different things and continue to retain enjoyability. Most commercial bands can’t do that, but ESLLY most certainly can. Here’s waiting in excitement for what they have in store for part II…

Rating: 8.8/10

Jake Hancke – 02/11/2018

I: Levensmoeheid is available now via BandCamp and Spotify.

You can find more on Every Stranger Looks Like You via Facebook and YouTube.

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