Infants – Apple Of Her Eye [Single Review]

InfantsThis time last year I was getting moist over Forever In Debt’s EP, Forget Me Knot. But now, Forever In Debt is dead. Here we have the second coming; Infants.

Their debut single sporting the new name is just as feisty as their previous material. Huge grungy riffs and a beautifully aggressive delivery feed you plenty to get stuck in your head for weeks on end. I’m not a playlist listener, and singles like this are why. Apple Of Her Eye doesn’t deserve to be lost in a sandwich of random tracks that you liked once and demands you specifically hit play for this song alone, over and over again.

For those seeking out poppy sing-along tunes, the messy guitar solos and feedback may be a tad much for you, but there is a potential clap along segment to the bass line in the bridge. Just be careful of any inevitable mosh pits breaking out in a floor space near you.

If the filthy panned guitar intro doesn’t get your balls tingling, then you must be doing it wrong. Infants are an audio adrenaline rush that no single sense in the body can receive on it’s own, and one of few bands to leave you genuinely wanting more.

But wait… there is more. If you check out the new single from Blanchard released on the same day, there will be a special Infants B-Side which will be sure to satisfy those cravings.

Rating: 9.0/10

Jake Hancke – 26/04/2019

Apple Of Her Eye is available to download now for free from the Infants website, and will be available on all major platforms as of 20th May 2019.

You can find more on Infants on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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